Some Assembly Required: Just What Do They Assemble?

Someone makes the furniture, sells the furniture and delivers the furniture you purchased, so it only seems right that there’s a team of professional furniture pros that assembly your new purchases for you.

We all know what a hassle it is to try to put together a new bedframe, entertainment stand, bookcase or patio furniture. Save yourself the time, hassle and stress and leave it to the team at CUC Assembly, the furniture assembly service pros, to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

So, before you tear open the box and start in on those alien instructions and sorting parts (aren’t half of them missing?), let us help. Not sure on what we handle or how to get started utilizing a professional furniture assembly company? No sweat. Here is the lowdown on our business.

What is the most common call for furniture help?
Beds are definitely at the top of the list. King, queen and wooden bed frames are large and awkward, to say the least. Entertainment centers and wardrobe organizers round out the top three.

What are other items people need help with?
No job is too big or too small. We handle all household furniture (couches, end tables, dining tables), Ikea furniture, bookcases, deck furniture, and desk and cabinet assembly, just to name a few.

What about large items, like swing sets, gazebos and sheds?
Yes! Like we said, no job is too large. Big items mean more assembly time, but that’s the nature of the task. If it needs assembling, we do it.

Do you do commercial properties?
 You bet! Conference room table assembly, chairs, office desks, partition walls. Whatever you need to complete your office, we can handle.

How do I get a price quote?
Our furniture assembly team is dedicated to providing fast work at a competitive price. We know that you have many options to choose from for assembly services, so we strive to be the most convenient choice for you. Give us a call at 718-300-8273 and have the manufacturer’s name and the model number or the number sited in the store handy to help us serve you faster.

Benefits of Using a Furniture Assembly Pro

Do the words, “some assembly required” make you cringe? Do you break out in a cold sweat and discard the offending item immediately? That’s because you know that “some assembly” means endlessly matching and coordinating pieces, attempting to find the right screw and/or nail (often unsuccessfully), not to mention trying to figure out those picture diagrams for the items “easy” assembly.

Don’t agonize over confusing directions and time consuming assemblies. Instead, rely on the team of professional furniture assembly pros at CUC Assembly Services.  Don’t waste away an afternoon, or more, trying to assemble that new bed, entertainment center or wardrobe organizer. We’ll handle all the furniture assembly and have your new purchases together quickly and efficiently.

Don’t let assembly of a new piece of indoor, outdoor or office furniture prevent you from buying something you love. Rely on high quality, professional and personalized furniture assembly in New York. No job is too big or too small for our team.

We take the stress out of moving or making big purchases by offering a warranty on our labor. We offer a one-year workmanship warranty on all fitness and furniture assembly services, and a 90-day warranty on playsets and swing set assemblies. We are confident in our ability to do the job right the first time, but should something be incorrect with the installation or assembly we’ll correct the problem. Contact us today for residential or commercial furniture assembly in New York.

Furniture Assembly Companies for a Busy Schedule

When you move to a new location either as a homeowner or business owner, there are plenty of things to worry about during the move. You may need to work with contractors to correct current issues in the home or to make your space meet business requirements. Cleaning, painting, moving current furniture, and building new furniture are all on the list of to-dos; not to mention all of the responsibilities you have outside of moving. It is a great idea to hire professionals to help you with some of your moving tasks. If you need help building new furniture for your home or business, consider looking into professional furniture assembly companies in your area.

Furniture assembly companies like CUC Assembly in New York can help lighten the load of your to do list with professional furniture assembly of home and office furniture, as well as gym and outdoor furniture and equipment. We work faster than our competitors and we pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service for all of our customers, new and old.

If you want efficient and high-quality furniture assembly, you want CUC Assembly Services. Our services are perfect for residential, commercial and outdoor projects. Visit to learn more about our furniture assembly in New York and call us at (710) 300-8273 to schedule our services today.

Welcome to the CUC Assembly Services Blog

Welcome to the CUC Assembly Services Blog! At CUC Assembly Services, we offer high-quality, professional furniture assembly in New York. Whether you need assembly services for your home or place of business, CUC Assembly does it all. Furniture assembly in homes, gyms, offices, and outdoors are all part of our services. We offer quick and efficient services to make sure your furniture is built and able to use as soon as possible. Along with quick service, we offer competitive pricing and outstanding customer support service.

Customers of CUC Assembly become part of our family. We treat our customers the same way we treat our staff. We build relationships on trust, respect, and excellent service. Our customers and incredible staff are equally responsible for the success of our business and we appreciate both equally. Your needs and convenience are at the top of our entire staff’s priorities. We want to make our professional furniture assembly service a great experience from start to finish.

Residential and commercial customers can contact us today online or over the phone at (710) 300-8273 for assembly services. We also build outdoor furniture such as grills and playground equipment. Visit for more information about our furniture assembly in New York today.

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